Cardio Training

For increased energy, reduced stress and a stronger cardiovascular system, train for endurance on any of the cardio equipment including treadmills, varios, xtrainers and rowers.

Strength Training

Use some or all of free weighted and pinloaded machines or dumbells, barbells and kettlebells to build and strengthen muscles and bones, increase power and enable a dynamic and capable body.

Functional Training

Dedicate some training sessions to functionality. Technogym Kinesis training allows for multidirectional movement and sports specific precision. Add to this some weighted ball, TRX, Bulgarian Bag, resistance band and BOSU work to experience renewed movement freedom.

Gravity Training

Body weight incline training adds a unique therapeutic and creative component to all workouts for all people. Moving against the combination of gravity and variable inclines is a challenge and a worthwhile pursuit.

Olympic Lifting

Quality Weight Lifting platform, Bumper Plates, Bars, Racks and Collars.

Bike Studio

Get your pedal fix inside, where every pedal stroke counts. No free-wheeling when you are upstairs riding. For fitness, weight loss, event preparation or just to hear your favourite ride song over and over.