Cannonvale Group Fitness Schedule

Class Descriptions

A variety to suit your needs

A full body barbell weighted workout using a repeatable, simple format. Body Pump is for anyone looking to get lean, toned fit and strong.

The Yoga and Pilates based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. Strengthen and stretch your entire body and leave feeling calm and centred.

A high energy martial arts inspired, non contact workout. Punch, kick and strike your way to fitness.

Uses a step for a full body cardio workout to really tone your butt and thighs, burns calories and leaves you buzzing with satisfaction. Improves fitness, coordination, strength and agility.

Targets muscles of the core with a focus on strength and stability. 30 minutes of highlight for abdominals, butt and back. CXWorx provides the vital ingredient for a stronger leaner body, stationary strength and joint mobility.

The unique and ultimate music and dance experience, 50 minutes of funky and fun. If you want to dance, there’s nothing like it

30 minute high intensity interval workout that improves cardiovascular fitness and strength, increases speed and power, builds lean muscle and maximizes calorie burn. GRIT Cardio uses body weight only. GRIT Strength incorporates weighted resistance.

A 30 minute class inspired by classic balletic training designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to escape the everyday. A combination of cardio and strength with high reps of small range-of-motion movements and very light weights.

Indoor group ride finding fitness fast with the team in rhythmic blend of hills, sprints and flat cruising. Simple and strong, upbeat and energetic.

A 45 minute partner based boxing workout with a mix of boxing combinations and high intensity cardio. Improve your fitness and improve yourself defence.

30 minutes of metabolic resistance using body weight and weighted compound metabolic exercises. Maximize your calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate during and after your workout.

A thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency.

Liberating human movement by way of grounded based quadrupedal patterns. Feed your body the essentials for fitness, injury prevention, mobility and flexibility by accomplishing a ZUU workout.

A seasonal, 45 minute pool based workout that concentrates on the unique qualities that water provides for a workout. Realign your posture, mobilize your spine, strengthen and stretch using water resistance and buoyancy. Cool your hot body.

Child supervision

Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 10.30am

Saturday: 9.00am – 10.30am